Consider this, you’re in a dystopian universe with a Windows server hosted on EvilCorp™ datacenters.

You cancel your $19.99 / month VPN subscription at the hopes of replacing it with your Window server.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open ‘Add Roles & Features’.
  2. Add ‘Remote Access’.
  3. Open ‘Routing and Remote Access’.
  4. Right-click on your server name and click ‘Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access’.
  5. Choose Custom.
  6. Select ‘VPN’ and ‘NAT’.
  7. Navigate to IPv4 -> NAT.
  8. ‘New Interface’.
  9. Add ‘Internal’. (‘Private interact connected to private network’ will be checked)
  10. Add ‘Ethernet’ (or the name of the adapter with internet)
    • Make sure ‘Public interface connecte to the Internet’ is checked.
    • Make sure ‘Enable NAT on this interface’ is checked.
  11. On the server name, right click and click ‘Properties’.
  12. Make sure under ‘IPv4 Router’ you have ‘LAN and demand-dial routing’ is checked.
  13. In the IPv4 tab, select ‘Static address pool’.
  14. Assign some IP address. (I chose ->
  15. Save and close!

Now, on your client machine, you can create a new VPN and you will be able to successfully browse the internet using your dedicated Windows server’s IP address.